Victory Stitch Manufacturing | Apparel Pattern Making
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Apparel Pattern Design

Industry experts in apparel design, prototyping, pattern and small batch manufacturing.

Professional digital patterns and in house sample makers.

All our patterns are done with our advanced pattern system Tukatech and then tested and perfected by our highly qualified seamstresses.


All our patterns are created digitally, this ensures design and fit changes are completed quickly and smoothly. They can also be quickly exported into a variety of different file extensions that make working with other factories seamless.


Samples are made in house either by or in close proximity to the pattern maker allowing inevitable edits to happen quickly. Once the sample is completed extensive fittings are done to help achieve the perfect garment.


Generating the appropriate fit chart is a must for any successful band, we grade, check and then test each size to make certain the appropriate fit is achieved through all sizes. This step is essential to reducing returns do to sizing.

Small Batch Production

We have the capability to run small quantities of lines that we have worked to develop. We have no minimums but we will max out at around 100 units per order. If larger orders are needed we will help you place your garments in a suitable factory for your goods.

Design skills that exceed expectations.  Our small yet talented staff has the knowledge to craft almost any fabric into the perfect garment. We have a habit of getting the image out of your head and making it into a garment with a life plan.

We are industry experts in pattern design and product development with over 15 years of experience in fashion.

Superior design

Women's Ready to Wear0%

We made your clothes.

Victory Stitch has created a hub for emerging designers with an emphasis on small production runs with no minimums. We can take your vision from concept to product in a short time while guiding you through the apparel manufacturing scene. Victory Stitch is proud to be a “Made in The USA” facility that is ethical and environmentally conscious.

Patterns Designed

We have made so many, many, many awesome patterns to choose from.

Samples Crushed

We’ve crushed our requested patterns and our competition.

New Brands Started

We’ve effectively help launch over 15 different brands.

Employees Staffed

The core four consistently continues to produce quality apparel.